Body Image - Part 4
Conversation with My Knees

by May Bleeker, 13 March 2009

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Knowing Knees

While my first conversations with my body were actually about my body, later conversations deviated to many other topics, seemingly external to me. With the information so readily available I experimented with the kinds of questions I asked and the subjects I enquired about.

In one conversation I decided to ask about a situation involving a friend and potential business venture which was on my mind.

When I enquired as to which part of my metaphorical body could provide information, the response was that it was my job to figure this out for myself.

So I tried a mental visualisation of 'scanning' my body for information. A couple of parts lit up as I scanned down my mental body image. My knees were one of these.

I first tried questioning parts that had not lit up, just to see what would happen. I received no response. So I directed my questions to my knees. In reply I received the image of knees doing lots of bending in all directions.

This implied to me that lots of unusual flexibility would be required in the situation I had asked about. I initially assumed that it was the person I was dealing with that might not be very flexible.

With further questions I found out that the flexibility would be required ofme (and not the other person) and that I needed to proceed carefully as I might find it difficult to be as flexible as this particular situation would require.

The caution was to go slowly and to take lots of care with myself and the other person involved.

Symbols in Practice

On the physical level my knees bend, as yours do. This is their function, to bend and flex and thereby help you move around and bend down, sit or lower yourself etc.

On a metaphorical level knees stand for the process and symbolic meaningof 'bending', 'kneeling', 'lowering yourself' or anything other action you can think up that involves what knees do.

In this way, the symbolic information found in my metaphorical knees provided useful guidance for a practical life situation. Information I was not previously aware of. I proceeded carefully and discovered that I did, indeed, have resistance to various aspects of the situation as they arose.

Because I had not rushed into anything, and because this information made me take an attentive approach, I was able to carefully consider where to agree and where to withdraw. In doing this I avoided a situation that rapidly became too complex and time-consuming for me to handle at the time.

Do You Have a Metaphorical Body?

During this conversation I asked my knees if other people also have this metaphorical body and they replied that they were not sure. That perhaps others did, if they had a 'metaphorical mind' similar to mine.

I just thought I'd mention this, in case you have not yet considered the possibility that your body contains this kind of information or that you may be able to access it. If you like to think in metaphors, as I do, or see the deeper, symbolic meaning in situations, you too might be able to access information via your body, in the manner I've described.

Up until that conversation I had not even considered the term 'metaphorical mind' or that it applied to me. My knees also informed me that my metaphorical mind is hilarious and that I should speak to it sometime.

I had noticed humour creeping into various parts of these conversations in the form of visual puns or other 'in-jokes' (like the 'bottleneck' comment from before). I resolved to find out more about this metaphorical mind, with its metaphorical sense of humour.

I had many more conversations with parts of my metaphorical body, and eventually, some conversations with the whole. And let me just mention thatwhole has a far broader definition than you would initially think. But more about that in another article.

These conversations led me to think about many things in a new way, including the subject of body image, and what exactly is contained within one's mental image of the body. Here are some insights I got from a conversation with my stomach (go to Part 5).

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Part 2 - The Metaphorical Body Speaking 
Part 3 - Conversations With My Toes and Stomach 

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