Emotional Intelligence
Matching Emotions Game Answer Sheet

by May Bleeker, 4 Apr 2013

Emotional intelligence involves recognizing how you and others feel, understanding how emotions influence behaviour, and knowing how to deal with feelings in a helpful way.

The Matching Emotions Game aims to give you a quick taste of thinking about emotions intuitively. Getting a 'feel' for emotions (pardon the pun) is part of the process of sensing and identifying what you or others may be feeling at any given moment.

SPOILER ALERT! This answer sheet belongs to the Emotion Matching Game. If you haven't played the game yet, don't scroll down the page!

First go over to the game page and try to complete the set first. Then come back here and check out whether you linked the emotion images to the emotion words that match.

This gap is on purpose. It is here to prevent the answers from showing on your monitor, in case you wanted to play the emotional intelligence - emotion matching game first.

If you want to play the game go over to that page first before scrolling down on this page (or you'll see the answers). If you have one of those huge computer monitors, then congratulations...but this gap probably won't help you.

Go on, the game is not that hard to begin with - so don't spoil it for yourself!

la da di da dah....did you play the game already? Ok...scroll on down...

Emotion Matching Game Answer Sheet

anger image orange from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


confusion image grey from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


fear image yellow from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


depression sadness image blue grey from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


peace calm image turquoise from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


happiness joy image orange from www.doorway-to-self-esteem.com


My reasons

Emotional intelligence has many definitions out there in the quasi-scientific field of psychology (I say quasi- because humans are fluid creatures full of hard-to-measure things. And science is all about measuring things, at least it is so far).

But in my humble opinion emotional insight has a strong intuitive quality. You have to 'feel' emotions, don't you? You can't exactly 'work them out' logically. Although you can compare them, understand their effects logically and use this knowledge logically. Primarily, however, emotions involve feeling. And grasping what they are all about (emotional intelligence) is also a subtle type of knowledge. Not like hard, clearly defined logic.

In case you're interested, here are my feeling-based, somewhat intuitive reasons for drawing these particular images for these particular words.

anger orange 110x94

For me, anger always has a quality of sharpness and hotness, which I relate to warm colours like red and orange. Also explosions are usually red and orange - so these colours remind me of anger. Anger is also jabby and thorny - like the fairy tale thorn thickets surrounding the castle that characters always seem to get stuck in. Anger is complicated. You can get stuck in it for sure. And then it pricks you all over, no matter which way you turn.

confusion grey 110x94

Confusion seems like a mess to me. And kind of greyed-out because nothing is clear. Like being in a grey fog. Too many things, disordered, make for confusion.

fear yellow 110x94

Fear reminds me of something like acid. It also seems sharp and jagged to me, but also unstable, wobbly, unsettling. Hence the yellow, wobbly, jagged lines I've drawn for fear.

depression sadness grey blue 110x94

Depression and sadness have a 'low down' quality to me. A heaviness and denseness. There is something muted about them and dull. Also, lots of little things can weigh you down and make you heavy. Hence the many tiny black dots that all congregate at the bottom of the grey blue page. Like heavy black dust.

peace calm turquoise 110x94

Peace and calm have a curvy, light, gentle and beautiful quality for me. The curly, wavy lines and peaceful, watery turquoise colour were they best way I could represent them.

happiness joy orange 110x94

Happiness and joy have a bouncy, energetic, "up" feel for me. A lively, lighthearted, 'boing boing boing' sort of feel (like Tigger). Whoohoohoo! I tried to represent this by using the curvy lines to convey the movement. And the warm orange to convey the warm, happy feelings.

Another thing - I've used dark orange with anger too - so in both cases the orange represents the energy part. Only with happiness and joy it is light and warm. With anger it is hot and explosive and, well...angry.

How would you draw them?


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