Self Esteem Activities

by May Bleeker 26 Feb 09. Updated 3 Apr 2015.

Try some of these free self esteem activities to develop the key characteristics of high self esteem. Each activity deals with a specific area that is important for building self worth.

I illustrate some of these with my own examples and where possible I've provided pictures of the finished result. You will find them listed below.

Some of these activities require worksheets (provided) and some basic art materials like pens and paper. Others just need you and a bit of motivation!

Most of these self esteem exercises can be done with things you already have in your home.

If you liked these, why not attempt them with a friend so you can share your findings?

Explaining something to someone else sometimes helps you get a clearer understanding yourself!

I'd be pleased to have your feedback on how these self esteem activities and worksheets work for you.

Activities For Inspiration and Motivation

When you need some words to keep you steady or uplift you try these self esteem quotes.

Self Acceptance and Self Love

Practicing appreciation of who you are and what you have can help increase a sense of contentment with your life. Learn new ways to appreciate yourself.

May in Namaqualand Daisy Field, gratitude

Blessing for the body
Blessing for the body worksheet

Can't Let Go?

Negative thoughts keep re-playing in your head again and again? Catherine Pratt provides this neat letting go exercise to use when you get stuck in a mind-loop.

Building Self Awareness

Self Esteem Exercises Living Tree Drawing

Living Tree worksheet

self esteem worksheet, mood mural

Mood Mural worksheet

Self Esteem Exercises Living Tree Interpretation guide drawing

Living Tree interpretation guide

self esteem worksheet, mood mural interpretation guide

Mood Mural interpretation guide

5 Ways to Explore Emotions

Some other ways to increase emotional awareness

understanding emotions anger worksheet

Understanding Emotions - Anger

matching emotions game icon - emotional intelligence

Click the icon to play the game.

Matching Emotions Game Answers

Would you like this game as a worksheet?  Tell us your preference.

Laying Foundations For Self Esteem

Self Esteem Basics Article

self esteem basics worksheet, colored wheel

Click wheel to download a print-friendly Self Esteem Basics worksheet (pdf file 25KB)

Self esteem affirmations
Self esteem affirmations worksheet
Using affirmations - 'how to' tips
Effective affirmations - common errors to avoid when creating your own


Looking for info on how to build confidence? Maneesh Sah provides some confidence ideas to get you thinking.

This page gets updated whenever I have new activities to add. Bookmark this page to check back for new additions.

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