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Doorway to Self Esteem Photos, Images & Cartoons

updated: 26 June 2020

The objects, images and cartoons listed in the section below were created for this site and belong to May Bleeker.

Please contact me for permission if you wish to use any of them for your projects, workshops or websites.

Bear with Oreo - handmade needle-felted bear, inspired by example seen on 'Small Animals' book cover, Felt Cafe Japan (etsy) ISBN: 9784529047579

Bad Snowman Cartoons (Squish, Snowball Attack, Fright)

Blessing for the Body Worksheet Image

Forest Path - Cecilia Forest, Cape Town, South Africa

Green Heart with Question Mark

How Do You Feel? Ant Cartoon

Learning to Fly - Top of Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa

Living Tree Images (Tree, Roots, Branches, Sewing Machine, Leaves)

Living Tree Interpretation Guide Images (Fruit Tree, Bent Tree, Big Small Trees, Skinny Tree, Heart Tree)

Lock & Key - courtesy of Mom & Dad's collection!

Lucky - 'Casino Ocado' snapped at West India Quay, Canary Wharf, near the Yellow Bridge

Mood Mural Images (Colour Block, Envelope, Coloured Squares)

Mood Mural Colour Key Images (Colour Key Page, Coloured Squares)

Rainbow Pencils - from my stash

Self Esteem Basics Worksheet Wheel Image

Creative Commons

The following photos are the amazing work of numerous artists/photographers scattered around the globe.

They are used with kind permission and under Creative Commons attribution licence.

Please note - besides these images being under Creative Commons licence, I have the owners' permission to use them. If you would like to use the original images for your own purposes be sure to follow the permissions guidelines associated with each. They will be found on the relevant source websites. 

Where photos are no longer available on the original source websites, do not use unless you have the owner's written permission!

Photo-montage Page Header, In Order of Images

(links will take you off-site to the originals I used to create the photo-montage)

Brazuelo, Leon - Vittis from Lithuania (original source: flickr)

The Door - Vittis from Lithuania (original source: flickr)

Blue Door at Emporio - Klearchos Kapoutsis (flickr)

Yellow Door - Bettina Schwarz

Door 212 - Shirl (Aunt Owwee)

Peurta Verde, Green Door - PictFactory

Door On A Slope - Phillie Casablanca

Light Blue Door - Ezioman

Blue Door - Di Collins

Other Photos (links will take you off-site to the original photo source)

Ain't Nothin' Like the Sun- Jimi Lanham (ManOnPHI) (the original image is no longer available on flickr)

Bus Pan - Piers Canadas (mockney_piers)

Flower - Tanaka Juuyoh

Hanging On - David Niblack (original source: imagebase)

Highland Showdown - Lawrence Murray (lawmurray)

Kanniyakumari Construction Workers - Ryan Ready (ruffin_ready)

Love Unexpected - woolloomooloo

Planting the Mast - Jitze Couperus (jitze)

Potato Heart - Natalia Sedyh (_neona_)

Shy Daisy - Tim and Selena Middleton

Snail On Flower - Brendan DeBrincat (quacktaculous)

Shy - Umberto Salvagnin (Kaibara87)

Stubborn - Homini:)

Tasmania Harvest Panorama - Stefano Lubiana Wines

Thank You (sign) - ARendle

Thank YOU (leaf)- Rolf (flickrolf)

Year of the Angry Tiger - JKmedia

Yoohooooooo! - by Hamed Masoumi (the original image is no longer available on flickr, but this is a link to Hamed's photostream if you want to check it out)

Zippy Shut Up - Steve Winton (

Thank you to all you wonderful photographers, your work is magic!

Do You Know Who The Copyright Owners Are?

Below are some great photos I either received by email, or came across in other ways, but haven't been able to trace their copyright owners. Do you know who they are?

If so, please get in touch, so I can confirm permission / give credit where due. 

Two appear on the Bullying at Work webpage.

Bullying Dogs
Bullying Cats

Thank you for paying attention :)

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