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Updated Privacy Policy - 8 May 2017

Please review our updated Privacy Policy here.

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Heartlights - Isn't it about time you recognized your self worth? Thoughts and words to remind you of who you are.

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Professional Use of Doorway to Self Esteem Activities

How to obtain a license to use Doorway to Self Esteem activities for professional use in your counseling practice, teaching or training college, or any setting that charges fees.

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Children Self Esteem - Books and Resources

Children Self Esteem - books and resources for kids on how to focus and build on the positive in their lives.

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Self Esteem Building Activities for Grownups

Self esteem building activities for grownups. Books to guide your through your own personal self exploration.

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Understanding Emotions Through Imagery

Understanding emotions through the use of analog drawings. Find your own personal symbolism and gain insight into your emotions.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Emotion Matching Game Answer Sheet. Did you match the emotion image with the correct emotion word?

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Self Esteem Quotes

Self Esteem Quotes - be inspired! These quotes sum up many aspects of positive self esteem.

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Your Inner Body Image

Your Inner Body Image: Body beliefs do not always match body facts. How beautiful and strong you feel depends more on what you think and believe about your self, than actual physical appearance.

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Dealing With Criticism

Dealing with criticism - Feed the positive, starve the negative. Catch someone doing something right.

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