Resources for Improving
Self Esteem

by May Bleeker, 26 Feb 2009 (Updated 2 May 2013)

Improving self esteem can be achieved by reading (and following) a good program, did you know this?

Its called "bibliotherapy" and the world is starting to take self-help-through-reading a bit more seriously.

Of course, it all depends on what you read and whether you do the exercises they provide. So look for programs that have a proven track record, but also be willing to experiment until you find what works for you.

If you get a book, be prepared to actively do the exercises and activities provided so you get the full benefit. You still have to do the work.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

List of Bibliotherapy Resources

I've put together a handful of books and other resources for adults, teens, children or all three. I'll keep adding more as I find good ones.

Look below for the relevant page links.

Improving Self Esteem for Grownups

Some of the books and programs listed on the Grownups resource page have been proven to be as effective as traditional therapies and treatments when it comes to improving low self esteem, and even depression and anxiety. As the three  are often linked, its worth looking into.

I'm a big fan of reading to help myself, whether its to help myself bake a cake that doesn't flop, crochet a round flat thing that doesn't buckle, or simply find a way to deal with something when I don't know how.

I can do it at home, its cheaper than therapy and often gives me just what I need to take the next step. What more can you ask for in getting help?

Self Esteem Resources for Grownups

Improving Self Esteem for Children & Teens

Building a sense of self mastery in children involves not only learning how to navigate through the physical and mental world, but also how to deal with the emotional world. These books and games can assist little ones in learning to understand feelings and how to handle them.

Browse through to the relevant pages and have a look at what's available for the children or teens in your life.

Self Esteem Resources for Kids

Teenagers have a more complex world to master and need even more input into how to deal with difficult emotions and social situations.

Self Esteem Resources for Teens

Mimic Those Who Know

A good way to learn something is to watch people who already know how and mimic them. When it comes to self esteem you can do the same thing.

Look for the hallmarks of people with self esteem, and follow their example. See the list below for some ideas.

7 Characteristics of High Self Esteem You Can Develop

High self awareness (Living Consciously)

Self love and self acceptance
(through cultivating a sense of gratitude , reducing self criticism, using affirmations )

Self respect.
(through learning to be assertive and acting with integrity)

Being true to yourself.

Fear doesn't rule

Seeing the positive.

Helping others

- the personal power to be found in being of service to others

Some additional, general tips to improving self esteem.

Don't let your self esteem be determined by what has happened in the past. At least some of the outcome is in your hands right now. You can influence the way things are going forward from now on.

Find ways to create a more positive sense of yourself in this very moment. Why not?

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