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Self Esteem

Self esteem is love put into practice in the arena of your own life.

It is seen in the way you think, talk, behave and take care of yourself.

But while ideas and theories about self worth are useful, what I'm most interested in is self esteem in action.

Increasing self insight, and what you can do to improve your self regard is what these web pages are for.

Activities that you find here are based on personal experiences that have improved my own sense of self worth, and methods that have worked for others.

They are designed to help develop the mental, physical and emotional habits that support a positive sense of self.

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On these pages you will find practical exercises and worksheets to help you increase your self awareness and self understanding - both cornerstones of emotional intelligence.

You will also find practical exercises and information to help you develop your assertiveness and the confidence you project physically. Tips for managing emotions, and worksheets to guide you towards a more loving self-attitude.

You'll find something on developing a sense of gratitude - a mind or heartshift that can literally change the way you experience your life and your level of happiness.

There is also information on how to handle 'problem behaviours' stemming from other people's low self of self worth. Like bullying at work, whether it be a bullying boss or a bullying colleague.

There will be something for you in these pages if you are affected by any of the following:

'Symptoms of Low Self Esteem:

Social awkwardness and discomfort
Painful shyness
Lack of assertiveness
Fear of the new or unknown
Self doubt
Lack of confidence
Risk aversion and missed opportunities
Settling for less (like working for less pay than you are due)
Chronic frustration and anger
Withdrawal and isolation
Feeling 'lost' or overwhelmed by life

Find Your Rabbit Hole

One last thing...inner confidence is not always found where you would expect it. Sometimes the negative, worst aspects of yourself offer an unexpected ‘way in’ to greater self acceptance (a doorway). Like scars, imperfections or disabilities, or some other aspect of yourself that causes you unhappiness.

Using the chinks in your own armour, you can follow an unexpected path to deeper contentment. The most powerful change in my life came through a flaw I thought I could never accept, that transformed into a blessing I never expected. I am sharing the knowledge I've gained in this personal guide.

Traveller, there is no path.
The path is made by walking – Antonio Machado

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