Professional Use of
Doorway to Self Esteem Activities

by May Bleeker, 14 Oct 2014 updated 23 Feb 2022

As you know Doorway to Self Esteem activities are completely free for personal and non-profit use.

But what if you have a counseling practice, work in a school, offer training, or run groups that focus on building self esteem, you charge fees, and still want to be able to use these activities?

Easy - you can buy a license that suits your purpose.

Your Options

Professional - Single Use

Do you need the activities once only, with one person or group?

Select your group size below.

Single Professional Use

Professional - Ongoing Use

Do you want to be able to use the activities ongoing over a specified period with as many groups as you like?

Select your preferred subscription period (monthly or annual) below.

Professional Multi-Use Subscription Options

Educational/NGO/NPO - Single Use

Do you work for a school, non-governmental or non-profit organisation or any other organisation that charges a small fee for your services, but you don't have a huge budget for resources?

Based on the size of the groups you will be working with, select your preferred option below.

Single Edu / NPO / NGO Use

Educational/NGO/NPO - Ongoing Use

If you require use of the activities ongoing, please select your preferred subscription option below.

Educational/NPO/NGO Multi-Use Subscription Options

If none of the above suit your purposes, please get in touch with details of your organisation and your requirements. We may be able to tailor an option for you.

How do I Unsubscribe?

Click the unsubscribe button.

If you have any difficulty unsubscribing, please contact me with your details and put "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Additional Notes

Whenever new activities become available, they are automatically included in subscription licenses, and all subsequent single-use licences.

These purchasing options include all the available activities on except those that have specific prices associated. Those items with specific prices associated are not included in the licenses and subscriptions unless otherwise indicated.

The usage license fees only apply if you use Doorway to Self Esteem activities and charge a fee for your service (no matter the size of the fee).

For personal and non-profit use (i.e. you offer your service on a voluntary basis, without charging a fee), use of Doorway to Self Esteem activities is still completely free.

Use of Doorway to Self Esteem Activities under license still requires you to acknowledge the source. Please read the Terms of Use for details on how to do this.