Gratitude is Good For You

A Blessing for the Body
by May Bleeker, 9 March 2009

Gratitude: start small

When I went to live in England I lost my sense of smell for about 3 months. I think it was a combination of the onslaught of smells in the underground, the less-than-pleasant odours of a busy city and the fact that I have a very sensitive nose. My nose just said: NO, and shut off.

I couldn't smell food I ate or anything around me. Lucky for me - this also meant I could not smell the musty trash cans in Poplar High Street and the sweaty jumpers of people crowding round me on a train or bus. (Thank you nose!)

At first it felt like I had one of my major 'windows' blacked out. A vital piece of me seemed missing. After a while I got fairly used to operating without this sense.

It was such a surprise and a relief when my sense of smell returned. I could smell the world! Even the odour of sweaty commuters on the tube made me smile for the simple fact that I could smell them! This joy in everything smelly did not last very long, of course. Soon I was back to liking some smells and not liking others.

But I have the experience to remind me to be thankful. Before I lost my sense of smell, I never thought of thanking my nose. Now I do.

Thank you nose, for picking up the finest of information and making me aware of the people and the world around me.

Gratitude grows self love

Did you know that your body loves to be thanked? Giving thanks is like bestowing a blessing. Living things thrive when they are given attention and taken care of reverently. I discovered the benefits of this while I was recovering from surgery. Thanking my body helped speed up my healing and helped me stay positive through a difficult time.

When I became aware of everything my body makes possible for me I felt deep gratitude. I began to thank all the different parts of my body that came to mind. While I was saying thank you to my body, it felt like a blessing I was able to give myself.

Appreciating yourself is a way of building self esteem, and expressing gratitude towards your body contributes to a positive body image. Use what I've written below or write your own words to thank your body and boost your self esteem in the process!

Blessing for the Body

I would like to thank my feet, for carrying me today.
To thank my hands, for touching, holding, hugging, taking and giving.
I would like to thank my eyes, for looking, seeing, taking in, regarding, loving and closing.
I would like to thank my hair, for protecting and covering.
I would like to thank my toenails, for guarding and for being a window.
I would like to thank my brain and mind for images and thoughts, for being a channel and a switchboard.
I would like to thank my stomach for digesting and processing and engaging. Thank you stomach, I will try to listen to you more care fully.
I would like to thank my ears, for hearing, for listening, and for acknowledging sounds.
I would like to thank my jaw for firmness, smiling, chewing and talking.
I would like to thank my tongue, for flexibility, fluidity and all those sounds.
I would like to thank my lips for stretching, softness and tenderness.
I would like to thank my skin. Thank you skin! For covering and protecting. Enfolding. Holding. Embracing.

Thank you face. For facing - everything.
Thank you eyebrows, for sheilding.
Thank you nose, for filtering and guiding.
Thank you teeth for biting.
Thank you shoulders, for framing.
Thank you elbows, for flexing.
Thank you knees, for bending.
Thank you ankles, for mobility.
Thank you thighs, for strength.
Thank you buttocks, for strength and power.
Thank you back, for uprightness.
Thank you breasts, for love.
Thank you hips, for movement and dancing.
Thank you heels, for digging in.
Thank you toes, for balancing.
Thank you wrists for offering.
Thank you neck, for upholding.
Thank you, spine, for structure and strength and support.
Thank you, spinal fluid, for intelligence and bravery.
Thank you blood. Spirit of my life. Fluid of my being.
Thank you my beautiful body.
Thank you.

Use the Blessing for the Body worksheet to figure out what part of your body you feel grateful for and wish to thank. Then write your thank you's.

Showing yourself appreciation in this way increases self love and assists with building self esteem.

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