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29 Sept 2015

Yes, I chose all that I chose. I worked with what I was given in the way of resources, hope, intelligence, insight, understanding, family, connections, money. All of these had their limits. Some I only discovered after the fact.

Yes. Some decisions led to pain and suffering. Some contextual things I was given were painful, uncomfortable. These were the ingredients with which I baked my life. 

Yes, the oven was often faulty (there was an oven?) The ingredient list was problematic. I couldn't read the instructions. And oh yes, there were no instructions. 

So you see. Its messy. The 'marvelous messy middle' (that SARK talks about). Looking at another I can feel small, inadequate, stupid, half, unfortunate, shamed, scared, foolish, damaged, bruised. 

Or I can honour myself as I am. I can bow to all that I am. Everything. Judged every which way. Black and white. I can bow to it all. I can say thank you for the existence. Thank you for the experience. I take it all. I accept it all.

I lay my old selves at my feet. I kiss each one in thanks. I am humbled at my own suffering. I am grateful for each moment of pleasure and joy. I honour all that is.

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